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Resins are natural or synthetic elastomers, feedstock for rubber and ebonite production. The major part of the total resin produce is processed into rubber. Rubber is highly elastic and formable, compression and abrasion resistant, gas- and waterproof, chemically stable, non-conductive; it has low density and high heat stability.


Application: Industrial rubber products. Tire industry

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Application: Tire production

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Application: Tire industry, industrial rubber products

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Isoprene, cys-isoprene

Application: Tire industry

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High molecular polyisoprene

Application: Glues and caracul cloth

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Application: Rubber products operative at +250°C

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Fluorine resin

Application: Heat-, oil-, and petrol-resistant rubbers

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Chloroprene «Nairete»

Application: Belts, feeding belts, durable rubber

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Application: Glues

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Polysulphide (thiocol)

Application: Sealers for petrol- and oil-resistant products

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